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Kapulco.Com - Imaging With Light & Dark

"KAPULCO Photo-Art" is the Photo-Art & Photography project of James Kapulco (professional name).
Also a poet, writer and graphic designer, he lives in southern England (UK).

About James Kapulco

James Kapulco is a member of the following:

2D3D South Contemporary Art - A membership group of artists, based in Hampshire, England.
ephotozine - A major on-line photography critique and information site.
Mensa - An international social and intellectual membership organization.
Association Of Teachers & Lecturers - A UK teachers' union and professional body.

James graduated from - what is now - Nottingham Trent University, in 1982. The following year he gained Qualified Teacher Status, by passing his Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Thence, for almost twenty years, he taught various subjects at independent and state schools.

James's interests have long-included both visual arts and writing. He has always counted dogs amongst his very best friends and is ever delighted to meet (friendly) dogs. He lives in, and enjoys, the countryside - where he frequently walks and takes many photographs. He enjoys pubs and real ale, discussing politics and religion (someone has to!). James enjoys watching cricket (especially village cricket) and rugby union (especially when Cymru are winning). He is a BBC Radio Four junkie - to the extent he sometimes forgets to switch-off when The Archers comes on.

If wish to contact James Kapulco, please use a Contact button, at the top of any page,
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Our methodology is, in one way, simple.

We shoot digital photographs then either digitally-enhance them for sale as photographs, else begin to process them in a myriad (often multi-level) ways to produce the final unusual images you will see throughout our galleries.

We do have a small stock of older film photographs which are considered for similar treatments, as well.

As you might appreciate, precisely what we actually do to adapt photographs into our unique works is a secret we wish to keep. However, we use commercially available image-editing software and anyone who spends time practising with various techniques could produce interesting images. However, that is the same as saying that anyone with a paint box and canvas can produce a painting. The other aspect in producing a picture is, of course art. As that is in the eye of the beholder, we very much hope your like our work. Thank you.

Further Information

All post-shoot processing by Kapulco but a few photographs are by others. It clearly says if the photographer is other than Kapulco under each such image.

Kapulco.Com is both gallery and e-store for James Kapulco's work. Though other excellent photo-artists are at work, Kapulco's images are unique. Kapulco.com is hosted by the highly-recommended Photium.Com

James Kapulco is a professional name for his visual artist's activities; he writes and designs under different names. This allows him to compartmentalize various areas of work, without overlap. All his professional activities now lie within the arts.

Those who purchase from Kapulco.Com will be given James Kapulco's real name, as part of the contract. It is not a secret, merely a convenience. However, if you have any concerns, please Contact Us.Thank you.

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