03rd November 2009
The first of an important new series, Egg-Scapes, is being displayed from today. Here is James Kapulco's take on Egg-Scape I and the new series:

Fashioned from woodland in the heart of the New Forest (not far from Emery Down), this is the first in a series of Egg-Scapes. If Fabergé eggs are the property of a lady, it seems only right I dedicate this to my English Setter, for all her elegance.

I have used abstract-surrealism to explore sub-realism...

That is the same with much of my work - I am simply trying to do what, I think, most artists probably do: explore beneath reality's surface to try to gain a glimpse (and, thereby, shed light) upon our world - both as it may be independently of human perception and as it "exists" within our comprehension.

There are different worlds "out there" and "in here" - indeed, they may all be "in here" - within us. But, then, if we do not exist (and I really doubt we do), that is an impossibility. Whatever the case, we still need to explore below "ordered" surfaces, to examine the disorganized chaos beneath. That way we may further explore (if not understand) the human condition... Although, if chaos theory is correct... (!)

Hope that explains this picture - at least in its aims.

Over the weekend, I went to a talk by renowned sculptor, Russell West ( He railed against intellectual (and pseudo-intellectual) art-crit clap-trap. So I appreciate the above may well be the very (type of) verse about which he was highly cynical. And, I think, I agree with him. His reaction to "explain what you were trying to achieve," would, I suspect, be to remain mute, thereby allowing the piece to "speak" for itself. Perhaps I should have done that but, as I am introducing this new series, I thought it better to explain a little.

Nevertheless, ultimately, all which matters within art is people's perceptions and conclusions. To that extent, I would crave to produce an Egg-Scape from the brain-scan of an art-critic, whilst they are viewing another Egg-Scape. That would, perhaps, be the ultimate rebuff to art critics, everywhere - and, indeed, upon reflection, perhaps to artists everywhere.

Please see my Abstractions Gallery to view Egg-Scape I.

I hope you like this first of my new series. You comments (via the Guestbook or by e-mail - in Contacts) would be most appreciated.

Best wishes; thank for reading.