Important: We apologize that we have temporarily suspended sales via this site, to enable correct updating to take place. Please Contact Us to enquire about purchases during this period. Thank you.

Q: What does (GD) mean at the end of some image names?
A: That means it is a Graphic Design version - often with some text on the image. Many GD versions have corresponding non-GD versions shown, too.

Q: Some images are too large for my browser. Can I see them better?
A: Yes. We recommend pressing the F11 key on your keyboard for best (larger-window) viewing. When you have finished, press F11 again to return to the more usual display.

Q: How can I buy one or more prints?
A: Please press a Buy Now button above (or below) an image you wish to buy, then follow the process. To purchase more images, please return to shopping and repeat the process for all other images. As always, if you would like assistance, Please Contact Us.

Q: Where can I find more information about print-quality, limited editions, prices or delivery?
A: Please visit: Purchasing or, if you cannot find the answer, please Contact Us.

Q: Does Kapulco give interviews / offer to talk to groups / lead workshops?
A: Yes, all these are usually possible to arrange. Please Contact Us, as early as possible and without obligation, to discuss how we might help you with your event or interview. (NB: Kapulco was a teacher, so is used to both speaking to groups - large and small - and to leading groups). Kapulco is based in Hampshire, UK but will travel reasonable distances. He can also video-conference if the technology is provided locally.

Q: I am possibly interested in using your images in paper publications (books, magazines, posters, leaflets, etc.) or electronically. How can I find more information, including prices?
A: Please Contact Us to discuss the matter, without obligation. We are always interested to discuss licensing our images.

Q: May I use your images in educational projects / topic works (I am a poor student / pupil and cannot afford to pay anything?
A: Please Contact Us to discuss the matter, without obligation. We will try to be as helpful as we can.

Q: May I use your images without asking you first?
A: No, sorry. This is because these images cost a lot of money in equipment and work-hours to produce (for each image shown, many hundreds of original photographs are shot, let alone the editing of selected images). We could not afford to keep going if we simply gave everything away free and without our control. Please Contact Us to discuss the using our images for any purpose, without obligation. We will try to be as helpful as we can. However, if we learn of images use without our permission, we reserve the right to take legal action for maximum financial compensation and to ensure criminal theft is punished. But please think about it: we are artists, trying to make a living and we want people to see our images; we do not want to waste time with courts, unless we have to. So, for everyone's sake, please talk to us, rather than steal our images. Again, we will try to be as helpful as we can. Thank you.