Kapulo Update... (Blog)

01st November 2009
Hello everyone,

Thank you for being patient with me through the middle of this year. I now know the angst people go through when their computers blow-up and they lose lots of data. I have now invested in new computer systems, a new camera, new software and new storage. However, I still have to take the old computer to the recycling place and am still trying to recover much lost data - including thousands of images. I did back-up (honestly!) but when my system died, it killed the main back-up too.

On a happier note, I now have much better image capabilities and all my final images as on this site are safe :)

Well, Autumn is here and we are delighting in the colours... well, we are when the greyness abates. I have done a little shooting but the opportunities have been few and far betwixt.

I am now determinedly looking for gallery space to exhibit my images. I now have a substantial body of work and really want to show it to as many people as possible. If you know of any leads, please do let me know. I am based in southern UK but would consider anything realistic (I can always post images if the local staff can hang the images, if too far to travel).

Anyway, I do hope you have a great Autumn (or Fall) and I'll be updating much new work now all the technology seems to be working.

All the best, James.