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Postal Information, Pricing & Delivery Times

This page explains how to buy prints from us and our prices. Although there is a lot of information here, all you really need to know is which postal zone you are in. Then, please simply click a “Buy Now” button above whichever image you wish to buy and the system will guide you through.

The choice of postal zones is:

UK (No postal supplement)
Europe (Postal supplement = £2.00)
World 2 (Postal Supplement = £4.00)
World 1 (Postal Supplement = £6.00)

For example, if you live in the “Europe” zone, the price is as stated for the image plus £2. Whereas, if you live in the UK zone, the price stated includes all postal charges.

To decide which you location is listed as, please consult the following table (then you are ready to order):

A. United Kingdom - The following are treated as "UK" for postal-pricing purposes:

England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Isles, Scilly Isles, Isle of Man

B. Europe - The following are treated as "Europe" for postal-pricing purposes:

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria (EU), Azerbaijan, Azores (EU); Balearic Islands (EU), Belarus, Belgium (EU); Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria (EU); Canary Islands, Corsica (EU), Croatia, Cyprus (EU), Czech Republic (EU); Denmark (EU); Estonia; Faroe Islands, Finland (EU), France (EU); Georgia, Germany (EU), Gibraltar, Greece (EU), Greenland; Hungary (EU); Iceland, Irish Republic (EU), Italy (EU); Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan; Latvia (EU), Liechtenstein, Lithuania (EU), Luxembourg (EU); Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep. of), Madeira (EU), Malta (EU), Moldova, Monaco (EU), Montenegro; Netherlands (EU), Norway; Poland (EU), Portugal (EU); Romania (EU), Russia; San Marino (EU), Serbia, Slovak Republic (EU), Slovenia (EU), Spain (EU), Spitzbergen, Sweden (EU), Switzerland; Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan; Ukraine, Uzbekistan; Vatican City State.

C. World Zone 2 - The following are treated as "World Zone 2" for postal-pricing purposes:

Australia; Belau (Palau); China – People’s Republic (including Tibet); East Timor; Fiji; French Southern & Antarctic Territories (Surface Mail only); French Polynesia; Guam; Japan; Kiribati; Korea (Democratic People’s Republic); Korea (Republic of); Marshall Islands; Micronesia (Federated States); Mongolia; Nauru Islands; New Caledonia; New Zealand; New Zealand Island Territories; Norfolk Island; North Mariana Island; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Pitcairn Island; Samoa (American); Solomon Islands; Taiwan; Tonga; Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Wake Island; Wallis and Futuna Islands; Western Samoa

D. World Zone 1 - Includes everywhere not listed as “UK,” “Europe” nor “World Zone 2” (above).